AW: [geos-devel] OGR and Shape.idx

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Mon Feb 16 03:06:08 EST 2004

Darren H. and Tyler
Thank you for yor response. I work with ArcView 3.x and tru64 UNIX and I
need index creation on the shape column only.
I tried to configure ArcView with a startup script to start the index
creation. After creation of the indexes the script shut down ArcView by
itself. I works from the command promt with av <proj>.apr. The problem, when
I start ArcView form a cronjob without a display, ArcView isn't able to
start up, because it is looking out for a display without success. 
I'm not shure if there exists ArcObjects for tru64 UNIX. 
With best regards
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Hello Dr. Düster, 

What operating system and version of ArcView are you using (ArcGIS ArcView
8.x or ArcView 3.x)? 

Do you also need an index built on any of the attribute columns? 

I'm not sure, but I assume something could easily be programmed using
ArcObjects. Get back to me, and if I have time/need a break from dreary
research paper writing, I'll look for a solution.

Thank you, 

Darren H. 

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