[GRASS5] Cleaning and merging v.in.dxf, v.in.dxf2

Michel Wurtz mw at teledetection.fr
Thu Apr 19 05:05:42 EDT 2001

Markus Neteler wrote:

> Perhaps he will update v.in./out.dxf/2 as well,
> then consistency should be back.

Ok, I had a look at v.[in|out].dxf{2} :

I've synchronised v.in.dxf and v.in.dxf2 (merging the
modifications done in both versions) : Markus, you can
throw away v.in.dxf2 : v.in.dxf is the updated version
(I have commited the changes in the current CVS tree)
BTW, you can also delete the nps_dxf directory in v.in.dxf :
it contains old stuff that is no more usefull (put it in
the attic :-)

I looked also v.out.dxf and the actual export sheme is the
following, with
  GBVF = Grass Binary Vector File (in $LOCATION/dig...)
  GAVF = Grass Ascii Vector file (in $LOCATION/dig_ascii)

GBVF <-- v.in.arc <------------------------------ ESRI ungenerate files
GBVF --> v.out.arc -----------------------------> ESRI ungenerate files
GBVF <-- v.in.shape <---------------------------- ESRI shapefile
GBVF --> v.out.shape ---------------------------> ESRI shapefile
GBVF <-- m.in.e00 <------------------------------ .e00 ESRI export file
GBVF --> v.out.e00 -----------------------------> .e00 ESRI export file
GBVF <-- v.in.mif <------------------------------ mif/mid Mapinfo
GBVF --> v.out.mapinfo -------------------------> mif/mid Mapinfo

GBVF <--------------------------- v.in.dxf <----- .dxf file
GBVF <-- v.in.ascii <--- GABF <-- v.in.dxf -a <-- .dxf file
GBCF --> v.out.ascii --> GABF --> v.out.dxf ----> .dxf file

Conclusion :
1- The dig_ascii directory seems only usefull for v.out.dxf, which
should be rewritten to read binary vector files.  After that,
v.[in|out].ascii should write anywhere (same thing as other import/
export programs), and act as a general utility.

2- v.out.mapinfo should certainly be named v.out.mif for consistency
  (or v.in.mif renamed v.in.mapinfo)

3- v.in.dlg and v.out.dlg seems to use a DLG directory in $LOCATION

4- I didn't look at v.[in|out].atlas, nor v.in.gshhs, nor v.out.moss
(is moss output really usefull ?)

Michel WURTZ - DIG - Maison de la télédétection
               500, rue J.F. Breton
               34093 MONTPELLIER Cedex 5

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