[GRASS5] Polygons in GRASS

DrakeGis drakegis at dacafe.com
Sat Oct 16 15:51:27 EDT 2004

  I really love how GRASS is working, but I have some problems

1) I'm trying to digitilize polygons with GRASS 5, I use v.digit but the
results were not polygons... doing a v.to.rast doesn't result in an
area.Now I'm trying to use OpenEV to do the work. Is there any easy way to
do this in GRASS ? I know that probably GRASS 5.7 is better, but I don't
know how to deal with the database subsystem.

2) I have, in this way, a set of ShapeFiles, that I want to put together
in only one vector file, I use v.path after import the shapefiles but the
problem is that I miss the "identity" of each polygon, by using r.what I
realize that now they have the same name.... Any suggestions ? How can I
deal with the limits between neighbor areas... becuase they are the same

3) I would like to extract from these polygons the corresponding
centroids, an assign to each a time series data in order to do a temporal
and spatial analysis of my data.... How can I do it ? I know that probably
using R, but again I have no idea about how to do it.



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