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Wed Nov 14 13:37:45 EST 2007

Note that the average slope values need to be actual, not classified, like gives...

How do I go about it?


2) r.statistics is designed to do the same as r.average, r.mode, r.median, 
etc. Why not deprecate r.average & others in favor of r.statistics? This 
would reduce the number of modules, and I think that GRASS really needs this.

The long list of raster modules is confusing, especially given that too many 
of them either duplicate each other, or don't work the way they are supposed 
to (according to help). Well, you can see I've had a tough day with GRASS 
today :-)

Is r.statistics supported though? I tried using it for the problem above, it 
complained that r.stats doesn't accept <z> flag. Changed line 29 of 
	sprintf (command, "%s -az input='%s,%s' fs=space > %s", ... 
	sprintf (command, "%s -an input='%s,%s' fs=space > %s", ...

Now I can run it:
GRASS:~ > r.statistics base=landuse cover=slope method=average 

but the output map 'landuse.slope1' is totally wrong. says that all 
it's cells are null, and seems to get stuck in a loop and needs Ctrl-C.



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