[GRASS-dev] Refomatting of source code ahead (4 August, 22 CEST): developers please read

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Sun Aug 3 14:10:35 EDT 2008


as discussed over the last months, we want to reformat the GRASS 6.4 and 7
source code in SVN (code indentation with "indent").

  This is a substantial change, so read on.

On Monday, 4 August, 22 CEST, I'll submit the source code update to SVN:

Impact for you:
- if you have local, unsubmitted change in .c or .h files, it is important to
  update these files with "tools/grass_indent.sh"
  *BEFORE* you update the next time from SVN. Otherwise you'll find
  most likely a conflict mess in these files. To this script, you can
give single
  or multiple files to get them re-indented with the decided flags.

- if you have a clean local copy with no local changes in .c or .h files
  just proceed as always and update from SVN.

I expect a smooth transition.


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