[GRASS-dev] proper v.parallel behavior on strange input

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon May 26 22:46:40 EDT 2008

Росен wrote:
> Ok, I'll try to figure out how to generate such looped
> parallel line.
> I'll note again that my algorithm, which generates
> non-looped parallel
> lines (like the ones that should be generated when making
> buffers),
> does not go through stage, in which there are loops.
> Therefore,
> generating those looped lines will need another separate
> algorithm
> (with some familiarities, but not much).

I think it is often useful to think of things from the application point of view. ie what are we trying to model? telephone wires some distance from a road? coverage of a long lawn-mower arm? that can help put the task in perspective.



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