[GRASS-dev] Re: [GRASS GIS] #96: v.surf.bspline broken

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Sat Sep 13 12:28:22 EDT 2008

#96: v.surf.bspline broken
  Reporter:  cmbarton  |       Owner:  grass-dev at lists.osgeo.org
      Type:  defect    |      Status:  new                      
  Priority:  major     |   Milestone:  6.4.0                    
 Component:  Raster    |     Version:  unspecified              
Resolution:            |    Keywords:                           
  Platform:  All       |         Cpu:  All                      
Changes (by cmbarton):

  * platform:  => All
  * component:  default => Raster
  * cpu:  => All
  * summary:  v.surf.bspline intermittent failure - maybe on large datasets
              => v.surf.bspline broken


 This has set broken for many months now. Should we remove it from the main
 GRASS distribution until someone is able to work on it? It would be a nice
 addition to GRASS interpolation tools, but it doesn't seem like a good
 idea to ship a module that doesn't work and is not being fixed.


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