[GRASS-dev] GRASS 7 scripts overhaul

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 5 04:00:22 EDT 2011

> > Hamish wrote:
> >> It tries to run grass.raster_history() without first testing
> >> if the map is in the current mapset.

> > Given that those maps are listed as inputs, it's debatable
> > whether it should be modifying the history even if those
> > maps are in the current mapset.

Markus M:
> All that i.landsat.rgb does is creating color rules. They
> are stored in /colr2 if the input maps are not in the current
> mapset.
> As r.colors does not modify the raster history, and
> i.landsat.rgb is just a front-end for r.colors, one could
> argue that i.landsta.rgb should not touch raster history as
> well.

the point of storing the history is so that you can see the
non-obvious conditions which led to the map as it now exists, so
you can understand + recreate it. In that sense storing
i.landsat.rgb's info in the history is justified. (& basically
the entire point of having a history..)

Glynn redux:
> > Given that those maps are listed as inputs,

As it modifies the map's metadata in-place, they should be
thought of as G_OPT_R_MAP instead of G_OPT_R_INPUT. 
As the only thing which designates them as input maps in this
case is the "old" in the #%gisprompt field, I don't think we
have to worry about the finer semantics of "input=" vs. "map="


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