question about site digitizing and site description

E.A. Koster ekoster at
Thu Oct 20 05:50:14 EDT 1994

Now that the vector and raster things are working correct I started with the
next phase of my Grass-use, and I have also new questions, this time about

I want to build a site database with cadastral codes for all the plots I use
in Ingres6.2.
The way I work now is that I start Grass en Ingres
I start v.digit and digitize a site, this gives me x,y coordinates
I type this coordinates in the Ingres window and give a cadastral code
I digitize a new site 

I think there must be a quicker way for this, and also a more safe method, 
with all that numeric data a failure is easy to make.
I looked through the manuals, but could not find any

What I want is that I can digitize a site and that Grass asks me for the 
description, after digitalisation I can run to create a site_list
which I can import in Ingres.

Is there a site-digitizing program in which I can point to a map and type in
a description ?
Or is such a program `easy' to write, based on v.digit or other programs ?

Thanks in advance,
Elwin Koster - Groningen University - Urban Morphology & Architectural History
ekoster at

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