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Bill says:
> Well, I've been hoping for the past couple of years that SOMEbody
> would put together a GRASS FAQ, but since nobody did how about
> we try to do it together?  I'm willing to attempt to compile the
> thing if you all write it and send it to me.
> So I've started the page on CERL's Web site:
> Put it on your hotlist and check it out now and then.  
> Now's your chance to CLAIM AN AREA OF EXPERTISE and submit your
> knowledge once instead of answering the question every time it
> comes up on the User's list!!!

Now I've been keeping an almost-complete log of the grassu and grassp
traffic since the inception of the lists, saving FAQs-and-answers by 
subject. This log is primarily concerned with the user side of grass but
is does extend into the areas of installation, scripting, etc. The one
thing it does not cover is the niceties of installation on all platforms
or how to program things in grass. It does log all the scripts and
programs which users have offered through the list though.

I would guess that you should be able to extract just about any info
from this log that you need. Question is: how do we get it into (HTTP)
shape from its present state of being (a multitude of mail files & word
6 documents). How about I put all my stuff on our WWW server for you
to grab & edit into something worthwile?

Let me know (replies to address below).


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