[GRASSLIST:3460] r.thin

/vento/ vento at lycosmail.com
Sat Apr 6 14:16:05 EST 2002

Hi all!

This is my first post on this mailing-list, excuse my english and my absurd
questions. I'm a GRASS-newbie :-)

I'm trying to convert a large and complex raster (TIFF) in vector format.

I've used the following commands (under RedHat 7.2 + GRASS 5.0 pre 1):

g.region (setting the region by the raster file)
r.thin (it was reiterate about 5 times before the raster was entirely
r.line (choosing the "line" option)

The vector map obtained is really "strange".
It contains a kind of "trees" of vectors. These trees are starting from all
nodes of raster "lines" and goes in any directions, but not in those of the
raster "lines".

Thus, I've a vector map that is not similar at all at the original raster.

There are some particular tricks for vectorialize a raster?
Any of you has the same problem?

aka /vento/

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