[GRASS-user] run commands sequentially - help please

Sampson, David dsampson at NRCan.gc.ca
Thu Aug 3 12:25:14 EDT 2006

Dirty approach,
I used this approach when doing mass imports of files and only had
slight variations.
under linux (shoudl work too in cygwin, dos batch would achieve the same
I created a script file (executable text Basicaly) that for you would
look like
# for a script named runme.sh
#(what ever header you need for your shell)
v.in.asci (string of settings);
g.region (string of settings);
v.surf.rst (string of settings);
nviz (string of settings);
#end of script
then at the $prompt  you need to make the file executable
$chmod 777 runme.sh
then at the $prompt inside a GRASS session you can run the file
notice in the script that each line ends in a ; (semi-colon) this
separates each command
Note also that sometimes options need to be in quotes
v.in.ascii option1="settings string that may contain escape characters
or spaces";
Alternatively you can capture what you enter at the CLI using 


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Hi all,


First of all you should know that I'm a beginner using GRASS.


I want to create a 3D map from a text file with coordinates. I think the
commands I will need are the following:


1 - v.in.ascii

2 - g.region

3 - v.surf.rst

4 - nviz


But I don't want to write the commands every time I want to see a map.
So I desire to do this sequentially. How can I do that? This way I'll
only need to run one command and the map happens.


Thanks for your help.



Cumprimentos/Best Regards,


Tiago Salgueiro


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