AW: [GRASS-user] GRASS_PAPER options

Hamish hamish_b at
Tue Nov 4 00:34:43 EST 2008

Roland wrote:
> # four square frames 
> d.frame -e
> d.frame -c at="0,50,0,50" 
> d.frame -c at="50,100,0,50"
> d.frame -c at="0,50,50,100"
> d.frame -c at="50,100,50,100"

see d.frame.split script from wiki addons to automate that.

> BTW, is there a way to suppress drawing of frames?

I don't know what it does in the PS driver, but you might find that 
  d.frame -s frame=full_screen
at the end of plotting stops one particular frame from remaining

see also the multi-frame tip on the wiki site.



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