[GRASS-user] v.net.path weight & co

Stefano elstefen at gmail.com
Thu May 7 09:30:51 EDT 2009

Hi all,
i've some problem with v.net.path

my problem is: how use v.net.path. it looks as a stupid question, but i'm
not able to use in correct way.

if i don't specify the weight of forward arc and backward arc i receive as
output the shortest path, and this works well.

now, if i specify the length of the path as weight i  should receive the
same path, right? but this doesn't work.

how v.net.path use default weight? how i can put the right value to find the
shortest path?

because i want to assign different weight from an arc in order to have a
path that respect the street's law (one-way can be taken only forward and so

the length of the line is taken using v.to.db.

how v.net.path works without parameters of arc's weight? what weight by
default are assigned (and how it is calculated?)?



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