[Live-demo] osgeo-live-5.0beta4-mini.iso : slightly too big ?

Julien Michel julien.michel at cnes.fr
Wed Aug 10 03:41:51 EDT 2011

Dear all,

I was hoping to give a try to the latest osgeo-live development release 
(which embeds the latest version of our software) during a training 
course I give in 2 weeks.

I have 25 4 GB USB sticks on which I planned to flash the 
osgeo-live-5.0beta4-mini.iso, and which will be given to the students.

Unfortunately, their real capacity is 3976304 1-K blocs, while the iso 
is 4026296 1-K blocs large, and will therefore not fit into the sticks ...

Is this the final size of the iso, or are there plans to reduce slightly 
the file size for next beta (or final) release ?

Any idea on how I can reduce the file size (I need to free around 100  
Mb) ? I tried to remove some docs in the osgelive-docs folder and run 
mkisofs again, but then the stick will not boot ...

I could use the 4.5 (which was 3.2 GB large) but then the software will 
be one year old ...

Many thanks for the great work on osgelive, and your help on this topic,



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