[Mapbender-dev] [Mapbender] #629: bad "openfolder" kills the gui

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Thu Mar 25 12:09:53 EDT 2010

#629: bad "openfolder" kills the gui
 Reporter:  frankjaeger  |       Owner:  dev        
     Type:  defect       |      Status:  new        
 Priority:  minor        |   Milestone:  2.7 release
Component:  treeGDE      |     Version:  2.5.1      
 Keywords:  openfolder   |  
 If the value of the element-var "openfolder" of treeGDE is bigger then the
 count of wms in the gui, than the gui can not load: no overview, no
 This can happen, after some wms are removed from a gui.
 It is very difficult for the admin to find the reason. You can spend ours
 to find this element-var as the root of eval.

 Please check on Load:
  if openfolder > max-wms
    then ignore openfolder

 Alternatively check it on setting the value of the element-var '''and'''
 check it when removing a wms and when treeGDE is copied from an other gui.

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