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#601: MapGuide Maestro: image tiling in composite mode is not working
 Reporter:  dumas65  |         Owner:  ksgeograf
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Comment (by dumas65):

 I installed Ecw libraries according that link. It didn't help. MapGuide
 maestro still can not project files.

 Rechecked again. It is not only ecw case. I tried with esri tiff (tiff and
 external world file) and simple geotiff. All files were not projected
 correctly, same result like in attached files.

 If I add resource form alias (e.g tiffs with external world files), data
 is displayed correctly in the map. Pushing 'set view to current layers
 extent' in map properties returns correct coordinates. Even in data source
 properties 'coordinate system override' displays correctly - "Transverse
 Mercator units...

 If A add '''same data''' using composite option in 'coordinate system
 override' I have default. In map properties 'set view to current layers
 extent' I have -10000000,-10000000,10000000,1000000.

 Again, this happens with ecw, tiff and geotiff file formats.

 Any more ideas?

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