[mapguide-users] postgis fdo-ogr and spatial indexes

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Wed Jun 13 18:30:56 EDT 2007

I believe that this is the 3.2.x branch:


And this is the "bloated" version in trunk :)


(that's a joke.  fdoogr is the most minimal provider out there)

I'm not sure which is being used for the recent builds...


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Where can I download the source code of ogr provider?

Frank Warmerdam-2 wrote:
> alucas wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm testing the ogr provider with postgis and it works fine, I 
>> connect vía Map 2008 and MGOS 1.2. So, the question is about the 
>> spatial indexes (gist).
>> How works the ogr provider with gist indexes? I'm attempting to get 
>> better performance with this configuration.
> "alucas",
> GDAL/OGR 1.4 uses the following construct when building a query 
> against a postgis table to apply a spatial filter.
>      m_poFilterGeom->getEnvelope( &sEnvelope );
>          osWHERE.Printf("WHERE %s && SetSRID('BOX3D(%.12f %.12f, %.12f
> %.12f)'::box3d,%d) ",
>                         pszGeomColumn,
>                         sEnvelope.MinX, sEnvelope.MinY,
>                         sEnvelope.MaxX, sEnvelope.MaxY,
>                         nSRSId );
> This is intended to use the spatial index and normally works as far as 
> I know.  If you run MgServer from the commandline, and enable 
> CPL_DEBUG (set this enviroment variable to ON) you should see debug 
> output from the OGR provider indicating the specific query it ends up 
> using.  It should be prefixed with something like:
>    OGRPGTableLayer::BuildWhere returns:
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