[mapguide-users] Viewer API Selection Timing Issues

Buscher, Shane Shane.Buscher at nngco.com
Thu Mar 15 11:28:31 EDT 2007

Thanks again Walt. I am using the DWF Viewer and will call the
WaitForMapUpdated method in the DWF Viewer api.  







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You're using DWF Viewer right?


With DWF Viewer there's a WaitForMapUpdated API you can call on the
EMapViewer document handler.  That method is precisely there to solve
your kind of problem.  Just call it after the zoom call and before the


I sent you all the DWF Viewer API a while back, so you have the
necessary information.


In general, the difficulty is that the MapGuide "client API" is the API
common to DWF and AJAX.  DWF Viewer has tons more API available (like
this WaitForMapUpdated method) that's just not exposed in the MapGuide
client API layer.





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Subject: [mapguide-users] Viewer API Selection Timing Issues

I may be going about this the wrong way, but here's my problem.  I want
to  select a feature based on an attribute query in the task pane,
automatically zoom to it, and highlight it.  I have found highlighting
the feature to be the most problematic because the feature has to exist
within the map frame extent before it can be selected with the
SetSelectionXML() Viewer api function. As far as I know, this is the
only function call you can make in MapGuide to highlight features.  

Knowing that SetSelectionXML() will only highlight features in the
current map extent, I preceded to zoom to the feature (ZoomToView)
before calling SetSelectionXML().  The problem is that the map can't
zoom quick enough, and so no features are highlighted:

ZoomToView(x, y, scale);   

SetSelectionXML(xmlSet);  //no features exist yet because of delay in

I don't have any problems when the feature already exists in my map
extent.  Does anyone have a workaround or better method to accomplish
this?  The only hack can think of is to pause the execution of
SetSelectionXML() until ZoomoView is complete, but I'm not sure the best
way to code this.  



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