[mapguide-users] OGR Provider cann't load S-57

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
Wed May 16 14:58:12 EDT 2007


I found and fixed the problem. However I no longer have a 3.2.0 build of
FDO so the build I will post is going to be compatible with FDO 3.2.2
and higher.


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Hello, List

I'm using MGOS 1.1.0 and AutodeskStudio2007SP1a, getting in trouble in 
connecting OGR Provider and S-57(ENC) files to a site.

System Modules and data:
MGOS 1.1.0
FDO 3.2.026
?OGR Provider don't have Version Resource propaty ,Why?

S-57 File:US5TX51M.000(for TEST DATA from Frank's S-57 Page)

S57 Control Options:
S57_CSV=C:\Program Files\MapGuideOpenSource\WebServerExtensions\www\data

1) Run MgServer with the CPL_DEBUG environment variable set to ON.
2) Create data connections for US5TX51M.000(S-57) data.
3) Add new layer and set a s-57 data resource.

----------------debug message--------------------
C:\Program Files\MapGuideOpenSource\Server\Bin>mgserver run
Running the server interactively as an application instead of as a

(120|2336) Server starting...
(120|2336) PROJ4 Coordinate System Library
(120|2336) Server started.

destroying connection
Close OGR connection
Attempt OGR connect to C:\demo\S57\ENC_ROOT\US5TX51M.000
ReadOnly 1
OGR: OGROpen(C:\demo\S57\ENC_ROOT\US5TX51M.000/0DBA0048) succeeded as
Attempt OGR connect to C:\demo\S57\ENC_ROOT\US5TX51M.000
ReadOnly 1
OGR: OGROpen(C:\demo\S57\ENC_ROOT\US5TX51M.000/0DD51ED0) succeeded as
Feature class name: DSID
Attribute : DSID_EXPP
Attribute : DSID_INTU
Attribute : DSID_DSNM
Attribute : DSID_EDTN
Attribute : DSID_UPDN
Attribute : DSID_UADT
Attribute : DSID_ISDT
Attribute : DSID_STED
Attribute : DSID_PRSP
Attribute : DSID_PSDN
Attribute : DSID_PRED
Attribute : DSID_PROF
Attribute : DSID_AGEN
Attribute : DSID_COMT
Attribute : DSSI_DSTR
Attribute : DSSI_AALL
Attribute : DSSI_NALL
Attribute : DSSI_NOMR
Attribute : DSSI_NOCR
Attribute : DSSI_NOGR
Attribute : DSSI_NOLR
Attribute : DSSI_NOIN
Attribute : DSSI_NOCN
Attribute : DSSI_NOED
Attribute : DSSI_NOFA
Attribute : DSPM_HDAT
Attribute : DSPM_VDAT
Attribute : DSPM_SDAT
Attribute : DSPM_CSCL
Attribute : DSPM_DUNI
Attribute : DSPM_HUNI
Attribute : DSPM_PUNI
Attribute : DSPM_COUN
Attribute : DSPM_COMF
Attribute : DSPM_SOMF
Attribute : DSPM_COMT
Geometry column : GEOMETRY
(3476|3352) An exception occurred in FDO component.
'FdoPtr::operator->': Cannot execute function due to invalid value
for the in
put parameter(s) 'p'.
Exception occurred in method
MgServerDescribeSchema.ExecuteDescribeSchema at lin
e 187 in file

OGR Provider 3.2.2 and MGOS1.2 beta1 is same.

OGR Provider cann't support S-57(ENC)?


Applied Technology Co.,Ltd.
Hirofumi Hayashi
hayashi at trk.apptec.co.jp 

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