[mapguide-users] GETMAPKML style

Mike Carsella carsella11 at msn.com
Thu May 31 20:44:04 EDT 2007


I've used MapGuide 6 for years and have recently been investigating MGOS.  I'm trying to display a polygon and point layer in Google Earth/Maps (similar to http://spatialintegrators.com) demo using WMS.  After opening up the KML file in Google Earth I notice my polygons are coming through OK in the correct color.  But my points are displayed as push pins and each is labeled "C". I would like to see the "Name" attribute.  My point layer came from an SDF file.  Do I have to write some custom code to handle style?  Any one know how this is done? I would prefer the style be similar to what I developed using MapGuide Studio and handled by GETMAPKML.  

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