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ary sucaya ary.sucaya at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 29 06:42:46 EST 2008

Great!, FDO PostGis 3.3.0RC3 work well with MGOS2.0 release. No selection tool problem anymore. Thank's a lot


Ary Sucaya

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That's great news Tom!

>From my testing, there are also some performance enhancements that make a huge difference, especially for Fusion.  

First, the GETMAPIMAGE request was modified to allow better performance for interactive maps.  This is the call that Fusion uses (the Ajax Viewer uses GETDYNAMICMAPOVERLAY which was faster), and in some nasty data cases the difference made by this improvement meant the refresh time went from 19 seconds to less than 4.

Second, proper PNG8 support was added to the GETMAPIMAGE call while fixing the black background of GIF/JPG images.  This is not leveraged by either Fusion or the AJAX viewer by default, but you can modify these frameworks to use PNG8 instead fairly easily.  Note, you will not want to do this for maps that require more than 256 colours (including antialiasing) in a single view.  If you are doing this with Fusion, search for the string GETMAPIMAGE in these files (I'm not sure which is actually used) and close to this string replace PNG with PNG8:


On one of my test maps, using PNG8 looks just about as good as PNG24 and means that at full screen the image went from 500kb to 120kb.  This will make a huge difference to internet users.

I think that the development team did a HERCULEAN job getting these important enhancements into the final release, considering that we were already into RCs.

I'd like to take this chance to remind everyone that for the next release we _really_ need to start testing at the first betas.  By the time we get to RCs, the developers should not have to be doing anything but fixing showstopper bugs.  The developers (and Autodesk internally) do a lot of testing, but we can't count on them having the same environment and data as we have, so if we want a stable product for our own use we need to test it ourselves and enter easy-to-duplicate defects in Trac.



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Further information for the MapGuide users mailing list:

Note that the released version has some fixes that were not included in MGOS 2.0.0 RC4.


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We are pleased to announce that the MapGuide Open Source project team has released MapGuide Open Source 2.0.0.

Release notes: http://trac.osgeo.org/mapguide/wiki/Release/2.0/Notes.
Documentation: http://mapguide.osgeo.org/documentation.html
Downloads: http://mapguide.osgeo.org/download

Among the many enhancements, the main feature in this release is the integration of Fusion; a flexible, extensible templating system that provides the ability to separate application presentation from its functional components. We have also replaced the use of FastCGI with the more proven ISAPI and Apache mod technologies.
The 2.0 milestone page contains the complete list of new features: http://trac.osgeo.org/mapguide/milestone/2.0

The MapGuide team
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