[mapguide-users] malformed syntax error

Jason Birch jason at jasonbirch.com
Sat Feb 13 11:55:03 EST 2010

Jo, did you upgrade you MapServer version at the same time?

I think I vaguely remember someone mentioning that MapServer had made
one of the url parameters required (and I don't think it was LAYERS
this time) and MapGuide not sending a fully-conforming string. Could
just be a vivid dream though :)

If you're unable to find this (sorry I'm not on my pc right now or I'd
look) do you have any way of setting up wireshark on the mapguide
server to see what it's actually requesting?


On 2010-02-12, Joanne Cook <j.cook at oxfordarch.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have had to transfer a mapserver wms to work with IIS6 rather than apache.
> I'm then trying to connect to it with MGOS 2.01. Previously the mapserver
> URL (with the map parameter) was wrapped in a cgi file, so I could call it
> from MGOS using the syntax http://mapserver/cgi-bin/mymap.cgi?
> MGOS connected quite happily like that, but with IIS I can't use the same
> approach. I have tried putting the full address of the mapserver wms with
> the map parameter in as the server URL in Maestro but when I try and test
> the connection I get an error that the remote server has refused the request
> due to malformed syntax.
> I have tested the mapserver wms using getcapabilities and getmap requests
> and all seems to be working fine, and I used the instructions on the MGOS
> wiki to create the wms feature source. I'm so unfamiliar with IIS that I
> don't even know where to find the log files to see what request is actually
> being sent. So, basically, how do I get around this issue in IIS6?
> Many thanks for your help
> Jo
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