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Thorsten Fischer thfischer at mapmedia.de
Mon Dec 11 07:42:31 EST 2000

Ladies and gentlemen,

I just updated my copy of the MapServer source code to the latest version from
CVS. It compiles fine, as well as MapScript with the latest PHP version. But
when I am trying to load a recently used .map file with the following

SHADESET "symbols/shades.sym"
MARKERSET "symbols/marker.sym"
SYMBOLSET "symbols/line.sym"

I got the following error message:
msLoadMap(): Unknown identifier. (SHADESET):(7) 

Same goes for a MapScript via PHP:

Warning: MapServer Error in msLoadMap(): (SHADESET):(7) in
<PATH DELETED BY ME>mapscript.phtml on line 5

Did I miss a reconstruction of the file format? I can't find any hint on the
home page.


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