Also: Running application via remote web hosting

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Wed Dec 13 12:40:20 EST 2000

Only if they've given you your own cgi-bin or have designated a file type
(i.e. *.cgi) as CGI.


>>> "gruecker" <gruecker at> 12/13/00 09:24AM >>>

we're currently negotiating with our webhoster the use of mapserver. They
provide support for mysql, perl and php un a LINUX/Apache server, but they
won't let us install mapserver in the Apache cgi-bin directory. Is there any
possibility to run mapserver from our webspace without having access to the
configuration scripts ?
Thanks for the help


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> Nyon,
> Yes, you should be able to set up mapserver to run via a third party web
> service. I have managed to do this using using two different web hosting
> services. However, you may have to make modifications to the install
> because you probably won't have access to some of the files (depending on
> environment you are installing into) in their "normal" locations.
> You will need full cgi-bin access etc. If you are looking for a provider,
> have any doubts, try to find one with a 30 day "money-back" trial period.
> way, you can always opt out if you find you can't get what you need from
> (in terms of privileges and support).
> The only thing I did _not_ manage to do was to successfully set up php
> (so I have been learning perl!). The php mapscript installation requires
the php
> source, which was no longer available on the host provider's webservers.
> Although in theory it should have been possible to get the php source and
> complete the installation of php mapscript, I still had problems going
down this
> route. Perhaps you will have more luck.
> Mark W.
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> Subject:  Running application via remote web hosting
> Hi,
> Is it possible to run a mapserver application using external web hosting
> which
> can provide support for cgi, php and mysql ? Are there any thing else
> that needs to
> be look into for this purpose.
> Regards
> Nyon

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