Daniel Morissette danmo at
Tue Sep 26 08:23:19 EDT 2000

Lyndon Zimmermann wrote:
> I looked at compiling the package under NT, but I only have access to Borland
> C++ Builder and did not feel like trying to port the MapServer installation
> across from a the Microsoft VC++ instructions provided. 


Have you tried using the with Borland?  The MapServer code
itself (not talking about the optional modules such as Freetype, etc.)
is very clean C code that should compile with most compilers without too
many problems.

So the main problem may be to use the with Borland.  I am
not familiar with Borland C++ Builder, but it should have some way to
deal with makefiles... and surprisingly enough, Microsoft's makefiles
are not that different from the Unix ones (for once Microsoft didn't
reinvent the wheel!), so I would expect that it should not be hard to
adapt the to work with Borland.

Of course Cygwin may not be a bad solution but I can't tell since I
haven't used it myself.  However I would hate to think that by providing
only MSVC++ makefiles we have encouraged the Micro$oft Monopoly... it
was really not the intention, and I would be happy to help supporting
Borland if I had access to it.

Just my 0.02$ (CDN$ :)
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