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Richard -
The file name expansion you expect is not turned on by default in the
Microsoft C compiler.  To link with it turned on, you need to link
explicitly with the setargv.obj module, as in:
cl gdaltindex.c /link setargv.obj

If Frank could be persuaded to relink the NT binary (assuming that this
is the problem) then it should work as it does on UNIX.
    - Ed

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Thanks to Frank Warmerdam, and David Armstrong, who supplied the tools
and answers. There are two steps to displaying tiled images
1. Create a shape file index of the raster tiles.
2. Reference the index in the Map file.

Step 1: 

Frank provided a great stand-alone tool to make the index shape file
To run it you will also need to download the GDAL binaries for NT.
To run it under UNIX would be something like
gdaltindex out.shp data/*.tif
To run it under DOS is a little more work, as you can not use a
wildcard. You have to get all of your image file names on to the command
line. My solution was less than elegant: First I did a dir *.tif >
MakeIndex.bat /b. This made a list of all my image files. Next I edited
the batch file; I removed the "Return" from the end of each line so that
all the tif file names were on one line, and then I added
"gdaltindex.exe ImageIndex.shp" to the beginning of the line. So I ended
up with a DOS batch file that ran gdaltindex.exe with all of the tif
file names.

Alternately, there probably are ArcView and/or ArcInfo scripts that can
make the image tile index.

Step 2 

Put a reference to the igmae tile index into your Map file. Mine looks
like this:

    NAME "Aerial Photos"
    TYPE raster
    STATUS on
   # Image Tile Index Shape File created in Step 1, above
    TileIndex ImageIndex.shp    
    # Name of Column containing the image file name, and optionally,
    TileItem "Location" 
END  # end of layer "Aerial Photos"
Thanks, Frank and Dave, for all the help.

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