[mapserver-users] newbie question database extraction

Paul Smith pauls at SCCWRP.ORG
Wed Jun 13 10:39:18 EDT 2001

Hello all,

I am trying to find out what mechanism is used in order to extract data
from a database and populate a shapefile dynamically.  I don't mean
connecting to the database and getting the data (I know you can use perl
or php to do that).  Instead I am trying to figure out which utility in
mapscript I use to dump the data to, in order to generate a shapefile
on-the-fly.  The shapinfo.pl looks to me like it dumps a shapefile out
to a dbf file.  I am trying to do the opposite dbf to shapefile.  Of
course I probably completely don't understand how the shpinfo.pl is
actually used, in which case a simple command line example would be
perfect.  If any of know how I can get to my ultimate goal aka: data to
dynamically populate shapefile the info would be much appreciated.  The
database or language is not  important. I have access to php or perl,
mysql, postgres, access and could use any combination on both windows or

Many thanks,

Paul Smith
pauls at sccwrp.org

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