[mapserver-users] Recentre map with auto link

David Turover dturover at student.santarosa.edu
Mon Jul 29 17:42:41 EDT 2002

> I tried to make this link but i think i'm missing something.
> it links to http://www.address.com/cgi-bin/mapserver/mapserv?map=mymap.map
> and returns a error of page not found
> this link is in a page.html witch i had declares in the tag TEMPLATE of the mapfile
> what could be happend?
> Thanks.
> João. 

Is that a "page not found" error from your web server,
or an "msLoadMap(): unable to access file" error from Mapserver?

If the former, it's a typo in the URL.

If the latter, "mymap.map" needs to be the path to the mapfile
from the mapserver program if they are in different directories.

For instance, if you have:

You would need ?map=../maps/mymap.map or ?map=/var/www/maps/mymap.map

Hope that helps.

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