[mapserver-users] shapeObj mapscript comments

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Tue Jun 4 11:02:34 EDT 2002


i think you can set the class_index of a shapeObj like this (php-syntax):

$Shapeobj->set("classindex", $your_classindex_int);

HTH, Michael

imap at chesapeake.net schrieb:

> ok guys... using perl mapscript, still trying to fix
> a bunch of broken code after going to mapserv3.5,
> somewhere along the line
> shapeObj->draw(mapObj,layerObj,image,integer class_index,character text)
> changed to
> shapeObj->draw(mapObj,layerObj,image)
> My question here is... How do you classify the shape based on the classes
> defined for layerObj?  the shapeObj->draw() method is missing attributes,
> so any clue how to get around this?
> Regards,
> Chris Stuber (mapsurfer)
> Silicon Mapping Solutions

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