[Mapserver-users] Mouse Over

Charlton Purvis cpurvis at asg.sc.edu
Tue Feb 17 12:52:14 EST 2004

Hi, Steve:

Checked out the overlib URL you sent below, and I must admit it's slick.

I'm a little lost, though, what library do I need to make sure I have
installed and part of my ./configure?

I'm trying to monkey around w/ imagemap, a la the Wiki post:
    NAME imagemap
    MIMETYPE "text/html"
    DRIVER imagemap

But a shp2img gives me a:
msDrawMap(): GD library error. Unable to initialize image.

Running 4.0.1 and gd-2.0.15.

My MS build looks like it put mapimagemap.c into my libmap.a.  Any



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> Hi all: The mapimage w/XML software was really more a
> I never took it any further than that. The source is around if you're
> interested. There are other possibilities as well. For example, in 4.0
> there actually is a imagemap output object (see
> http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ImageMap) but I don't
> much about it. In 4.1 there is the [shpxy] tag and I've been planning
> add an attribute to allow you to output coordinates in IMAGE
> coordinates. That way you could build an imagemap on the fly via the
> CGI. It could also be used to populate DHTML popup objects (e.g.
> http://www.bosrup.com/web/overlib/).
> Would be happy to discuss further.

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