[Mapserver-users] Win binary of 4.3build - rotating maps

Martin Tomko mtomko at sunrise.sli.unimelb.edu.au
Wed Jun 9 04:05:58 EDT 2004

Dear list, dear developers,
I am trying to work on an idea/research where I vitally need the new ma 
rotating functionality of the mapserver (best as CGI). I do not need more 
advanced functions as OGR, Oracle and so on now, I just need Proj support, 
PNG/JPEG/GIF output and shp as input... I have never tried to compile 
mapserver on my own. Please, if there is anybody with a test compilation of 
the 4.3 nightly build available, could you please make the package available??

I am getting angry on myself always asking for binaries. I would like to 
learn it, but the documentation is rather weak, and I am not an experienced 
programmer. However, I am going to give it a try. Any documentation welcome 
(I can even reedit it and post as wiki, to save the work to other 
beginners). It is still referring to VC++. Is it possible to compile it 
using VS C++ .net 2003 to do it??

Oh, and I would like to thank Frank and the developers for implementing the 
rotatiion of maps!!!! I absolutely need it!


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