dynamic data source

Ajay Ranipeta sc0rp10nau at YAHOO.COM.AU
Sun Aug 28 10:00:45 EDT 2005

Hello Everybody,

Here's something that I'm stuck with. I have a program that automatically
generates a WBMP file. These get generated automatically every time a
certain request is done, and then needs to be used as a normal data source
for that user. I'm currently using mapserver (cgi-style) to display some
dynamic points on a bunch of base layers, and I would like to use this
generated WBMP as a base layer as well.

Now my question is, how can i do this dynamic include of the generated WBMP.
I have a distinct feeling I'll have to use mapscript. BTW, i'm using
Java/JSP for my web-app.

Any help in this would be greatly appritiated.

cheers guyz,


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