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I'm not sure to well understand what you want to do. 
What sort of data do you need from your database ? and what for ?
If you want to create a small application for managing maps and data, for sure Mapserver cannot do the whole thing. You'll need to code a few in PHP for example to do what you want. But yes you may retreive some data via the mapfile, for example if you want to display attributes of a shape as a label....

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   Hi ,

  Wanted to know if what we're thinking is rite :: There is not much difference between using Mapserver CGI directly or using Mapserver with Php scripting . The only diff we see is that using Php Mapscripting u can script in Php with HTML.Hence for creating dynamic maps , even if Mapscripting modules are not used  is it sufficient ?

  Also if i have to read data from MySql and use it in Mapserver , will it be done with the help of CONNECTION strings (in layers in the map file) ?

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