WMS and reprojection

vincent.dacol vincent.dacol at LAPOSTE.NET
Sun May 22 18:22:20 EDT 2005


I'm new to mapserver, and I try to display differents
projected layers with WMS server.

I have 2 WMS mapserver, and one mapserver WMS client.

The projection on the 2 server is different. One is WSG84 and
the other is Lambert93.

The getcapabilities and getmap work fine.

But when I display the two layer with my client, the
reprojection doesn't work. The two layer haren't in the client
output projection (WSG84).

I have define the projection in the server in the map
object,Web object and in the layer object. The meta wms_srs is
too defined.

The client use it own projection output, WGS84. I use espg
code for define the differents projections capabilities.

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