ECW Support

Lawrence Hartpence hartpence_gis at CO.JASPER.IA.US
Wed Jan 4 13:20:22 EST 2006


A day or two ago, I posted a question about ECW support with the MS4W build
of MapServer.  I have MapServer on a Windows 2000 machine running with IIS.
I read a thread stating that on a LINUX machine you need to modify GDAL to
make it support ECW files.  Is this the case with Windows machines?  The
only response I received the other day was that this build should support
ECW files.  Is there anyone out there using ECW files with windows?  

I try to add the ECW file in my mapfile like I would a TIF and the browser
just hangs up when I try to do this and times out.


Lawrence Hartpence
GIS Coordinator
101 1st St N
Newton IA 50208
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