problem with ogr oracle spatial layer

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at POBOX.COM
Wed Jun 7 10:18:04 EDT 2006

Mark Adams wrote:
> Yikes. Can you give any pointers as to what I should be looking at? In
> terms of setting up the environment, all I've done is install the Oracle
> 9i client on the web server, and mapserver/mapscript with a version of
> gdal compiled with the ogr_oci dll as a plugin. To have the plugin
> recognized I set the GDAL_DRIVER_PATH variable (until then ogrinfo
> didn't recognize OCI as a supported format) to the Windows\system32
> folder where this dll resides.
> What do you mean by other OCI client programs? Oracle client itself has
> no troubles connecting to the database. Also, 2083788472 doesn't look
> like an Oracle error code? (Aren't they usually "ORA-XXXXX"?)


I'm afraid I don't really know where to start.  The error is very unusual
as it is just the most basic initialization step, before even any attempt
is made to contact the database or anything like that.

Errors formatted by the Oracle error reporting functions normally start
with ORA-, but in this case we don't even have error report services working
yet, and so just have a raw 32bit integer status code.

I read through the OCIEnvCreate() docs for Oracle 9 OCI and it does not
give any clues about what might cause a failure.

I really suspect it is some sort of runtime problem ... perhaps picking
up the wrong oci shared library or something like that.

I'm sorry I'm not more help.

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