Install at Shared Hosting Facility, can it be done???

blaise bpicinbono at WORLDONLINE.FR
Mon Mar 6 18:27:16 EST 2006

On Tuesday 07 March 2006 00:03, KevinC (UD) wrote:
> Keith Fraley wrote:
> I am in serious need of setting up mapserver at my
> hosting facility (  I am on a shared
> linux box with no access to shell, can I get this
> installed?  Where do I start?
> *****************************************************
> In my opinion, no shell access means no realistic possibility of using
> Mapserver.  Ask your host how much co-location of your own Linux box would
> cost.  I pay $600/yr and consider it the only way to go.  Of course, you
> must educate yourself in Linux, then Apache, then finally MapServer.   This
> is a path not to be taken by those who give up easily.

"serious need of setting up mapserver" and "I am on a shared linux box with no 
access to shell" might no fits...
basic mapserer is a cgi, can you upload cgi to your server and have it running 
depending on its libs ?
Few shared servers allow mapserver setups. I had one for a moment with full 
php_mapscript digitize mode, but it didn't last their updates )-:
I think "serious [...] mapserver" and "shared linux box" might not fit...

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