new mapserver site for Central America; thanks for all the help!

Puneet Kishor punkish at EIDESIS.ORG
Sun Mar 12 11:11:13 EST 2006

On Mar 12, 2006, at 10:03 AM, blaise wrote:

> Same, nice work Emilio, but same, on a my linux box, it displays well 
> in
> Mozilla and Firefox, but the image is misplaced in Konqueror.

Makes sense. Safari is based on KHTML, the basis for Konqueror. Emilio, 
keep in mind, for most every part, Safari is totally standards 
compliant. So are Gecko-based browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Camino, 
etc.), but they may be more forgiving of non-standard html. I could be 
very wrong in this, but generally if it works in Safari, it is 
standards-compliant, and will likely work in other standards-compliant 
browsers. There are a few Safari (Webkit) specific features, but they 
degrade gracefully (although the validation service complains).

> On Sunday 12 March 2006 13:00, Puneet Kishor wrote:
>> Hi Emilio,
>> Nice work. Some feedback from the Mac side... looks nice in Camino, 
>> but
>> the image is misplaced in Safari. The image shows up in the top left
>> corner of the browser instead of in the image box. Hope you can fix
>> that.
>> Puneet.
>> On Mar 11, 2006, at 9:01 PM, Emilio Mayorga wrote:
>>> This site does not break any new ground with MapServer. In fact, I'm
>>> still stuck with 4.0 b/c I don't have the time to upgrade. But I
>>> really wanted to thank the community, especially Steve Lime, for the
>>> excellent feedback I got over the last two and a half years while
>>> building the site (it's been a labor of love), and the resources
>>> available in the form of the mailing list archives, documentation, 
>>> and
>>> presentations from the conferences available on the web. I even got 
>>> to
>>> submit a feature request (regarding HTML legends) and saw it
>>> implemented by Steve and Daniel Morissette (or Paul Spencer, I
>>> forget)!
>>> Our site uses Steve's javascript DHTML framework, and the layer tree
>>> javascript code swiped from the Red River Basin site. If I can take
>>> any credit, it's for integrating the two fairly closely and packaging
>>> it all a bit more cleanly, in a separate .js file. It's also fully
>>> bilingual, though the way it's done may not be the most elegant
>>> (PHP/server-side scripting wasn't an option). If anyone is interested
>>> in what you see there, please email me and I'd be happy to talk about
>>> it.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Emilio Mayorga
>>> Central American Ecology & Environment (
>>> Mapache: New web mapping tool for Central America, focused on 
>>> "Ecology
>>> & Environment"
>>> The CAEE/ACEA group ( is pleased to present
>>> "Mapache", an online mapping tool focusing on Central America. The
>>> result of an all-volunteer effort, it is a GIS software framework for
>>> presenting interactive maps covering all of Central America, using
>>> free, open-source software. With this framework and with appropriate
>>> geographical datasets (including real-time data), our goal is to 
>>> build
>>> applications focused on particular themes: ecosystems, biodiversity,
>>> climate, geology, oceans, etc. We intend to make existing information
>>> more easily accessible. Our first thematic application is
>>> "Ecosystems": We
>>> thank many groups that make their data freely available: 
>>> universities,
>>> non-governmental organizations, and national, regional, and
>>> international agencies. We are especially grateful to the University
>>> of Washington River Systems Research Group for donating the server 
>>> and
>>> bandwith. Mapache was developed through a collaboration between 
>>> Emilio
>>> Mayorga, Derek Parent, and Alexis Aguilar
>>> (
>>> Please contact us if you would like to collaborate with us.
>> --
>> Puneet Kishor
Puneet Kishor

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