new mapserver site for Central America; thanks for all the help!

Emilio Mayorga emiliomayorga at GMAIL.COM
Sun Mar 12 12:59:17 EST 2006

Puneet & Blaise,

Thank you for your feedback. I test with Firefox and IE, but have
never tried a KHTML-based browser (either Safari or Konqueror). I
didn't realize that Gecko was more forgiving of non-standard HTML than
KHTML, that's great to know. I don't have access to a Mac, and while
the site is served on a Linux server, I don't have a local linux box
where I could conveniently test on Konqueror. Is there a KHTML-based
browser that runs on Windows that you'd recommend?

Unfortunately, my html is old and in table hell, but getting the site
to work on KHTML browsers will be a nice long-term goal.



On 3/12/06, Puneet Kishor <punkish at> wrote:
> On Mar 12, 2006, at 10:03 AM, blaise wrote:
> > Same, nice work Emilio, but same, on a my linux box, it displays well
> > in
> > Mozilla and Firefox, but the image is misplaced in Konqueror.
> Makes sense. Safari is based on KHTML, the basis for Konqueror. Emilio,
> keep in mind, for most every part, Safari is totally standards
> compliant. So are Gecko-based browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Camino,
> etc.), but they may be more forgiving of non-standard html. I could be
> very wrong in this, but generally if it works in Safari, it is
> standards-compliant, and will likely work in other standards-compliant
> browsers. There are a few Safari (Webkit) specific features, but they
> degrade gracefully (although the validation service complains).
> >
> > On Sunday 12 March 2006 13:00, Puneet Kishor wrote:
> >> Hi Emilio,
> >>
> >> Nice work. Some feedback from the Mac side... looks nice in Camino,
> >> but
> >> the image is misplaced in Safari. The image shows up in the top left
> >> corner of the browser instead of in the image box. Hope you can fix
> >> that.
> >>
> >> Puneet.
> Puneet Kishor

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