PHP MapScript 4.8.1 and PHP 5.1.2

David Badke dbadke at UVIC.CA
Thu Mar 16 12:00:51 EST 2006

We were having a problem running PHP MapScript 4.8.1 under PHP 5.1.2 
(Red Hat Linux). Using TrueType fonts caused segmentation faults; bitmap 
fonts did not. The server guys have now changed things so that our 
application runs under PHP 4.4.2, and "magically" the problem went away. 
I am not entirely convinced that it was a PHP 5 problem.

My question: Can anyone definitively say that PHP MapScript 4.8.1 does 
or does not work under PHP 5.1.2, particularly with regard to the use of 
TrueType fonts? The last message I can find on this topic is a year old, 
with no clear conclusion.



David Badke
Humanities Computing and Media Center
University of Victoria, BC, Canada

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