drawLabelCache problem in 4.8.2

Jeff Hoffmann jeff at PROPERTYKEY.COM
Thu Mar 23 14:09:27 EST 2006

I'm setting up a new server and decided to go with the newest version of 
MapServer, but I'm having a problem with getting one of my perl scripts 
to run.  I've isolated the problem to the call to drawLabelCache -- once 
the script hits that line, it pegs the CPU until the web server request 
times out.  I've run the same script on probably every 4.x version of 
MapServer there is up til now without problems, so I went and grabbed a 
copy of the 4.8.1 source and compiled it on that machine & it worked 
fine, so I'm guessing that some sort of bug got introduced between releases.

Jeff Hoffmann
jeff at propertykey.com

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