I need the ability to be able to display ECW and JPEG2000 format files within MapServer via a Community Mapbuilder client which sends WMS requests for the images to MapServer

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at POBOX.COM
Fri Nov 24 10:54:52 EST 2006

John Mitchell wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> Thanks for the information.  I had a couple of questions:
> You said below:
> "
> I am using the "standalone" FWTools binaries for linux
> ( http://fwtools.maptools.org <http://fwtools.maptools.org/>).  In my 
> Apache cgi-bin directory I have
> the script mapserv_landsat which looks like this:
> -----------------------
> #!/bin/sh
> export MS_MAPFILE=/home/warmerda/maps
> /landsat.map
> . /opt/FWTools-1.0.0a2/fwtools_env.sh
> exec /opt/FWTools-1.0.0a2/bin/mapserv "$*"
> "
> How would the above be revised on a windows system?  The exec statement  
> I would replace the /opt with /program files since FWTools is within the 
> "program files" folder on windows.  What about the
> . /opt/FWTools-1.0.0a2/fwtools_env.sh statement?  I don't see anything 
> called fwtools_env.sh within the FWTools folder.  What is #!/bin/sh is 
> this a linux statement?


Actually I ran into this issue the other day as well - how to use
the FWTools mapserver cgi on windows.  If you just copy everything from
FWTools-1.0.9\bin into your cgi-bin directory things will mostly work.
But because some environment variables (normally set by bin\setfwenv.bat)
won't be set, things like datum shifting, some EPSG lookups and a few
other subtle issues won't work.  You can presumably introduce SetEnv
calls in your apache configuration for all these environment variables.

But altogether this is not a very satisfactory situation.  What I really
would like to be able to do is have the cgi run a .bat file which sets
calls setfwenv.bat and then invokes the executable.

I can't imagine copying all that "junk" into an externally invokable
cgi-bin directory is all that safe.

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