Annotation and positioning referenced from the edges (like Scale POSITION Otption)

Bob Basques bob.basques at CI.STPAUL.MN.US
Fri Feb 16 10:58:05 EST 2007


I asked something similar to this a few months ago.  Didn't sound like 
anything was in place at the time though.

I would like to dress up some print output from MapServer with some 
statistics and notes' etc.

Is there (yet) a method for placement of these types of annotation with 
respect to the edges of the image output vs using absolution pixel 

I'm looking for the same kind (type) of control afforded to the ScaleBar 
Placement, only for other object types.

I did have an idea about adding a new object type, that would basically 
act like a layer for config purposes, but could be scaled and positioned


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