[mapserver-users] How to query attributes via WMS

Bruce Cheney BLC at JUB.com
Mon Jul 7 15:28:21 EDT 2008

I am not answering your question - sorry.  Instead I have questions for
you.  Will Google allow using their maps as a WMS?  Did you get special
permission for this?  Everything I have read says this is not allowed
from the Google side. I am asking because we would really like to use
Google as a background for our web app also and if this is a new
development then we would be interested in doing it also. Thanks.
Bruce Cheney


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I'm using mapserver to overlay png tiles over a google maps interface
and it's working well. I have a series of shp files on the server and I
want to build a search interface so the user can query the actual data.
An example would be in simple terms: 'select all data from shp where
layer = 'thislayer' and field like '%castle%''.


Is it possible to interpret a variable if I sent it via the Url with the
WMS call? For example, I'll tag on &TestVar=castle to the WMS call. Can
the map file be set up to interpret TestVar and perform a query against
a shp file field in a given layer?





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