[MAPSERVER-USERS] Any other Routing solution than pgRouting/Oracle NDM ?

riteshambastha ritesh.linux at gmail.com
Fri May 2 13:38:47 EDT 2008

Thanks Steve, 

I am pretty sure your words are making a mapserver enthusiast's life very

For Route computation I am using a licensed version of Oracle Spatial DB.
Now, as PostGIS is looking so promising in the market, I am also thinking to
shift to PostGIS. 

And after that, I will re-engineer my routing code using : 
>Ka-map xmlOverlay

I guess I am going in the right direction.

Ritesh Ambastha

Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
> riteshambastha wrote:
>> Thanks Steve,
>> Route computation is taking an average time of 1.2 sec.
>> Post this, showing route on the browser takes a lot of time. 
>> I am not using kamap xml overlay and any lib of openlayers. 
>> I am posting this route result xml into a db, and allowing a map file to
>> read this db and show the route on map.
>> I know this is not an efficient way to do the job. 
> I would start by adding some timing to a log file so you KNOW where your 
> time is getting spent, then work on optimizing the larger times.
> I think this is the fastest way to go unless the route is relatively 
> small in the number of nodes in the polyline. You should look at getting 
> rid of the xml, in fact, why are you going to xml at all and then 
> putting it back into the database. The data is being generate in the 
> database then you extract it and format it into xml and then put the xml 
> back into the database for mapserver to pick up. I think you should just 
> put it into a table of routes with a unique sessionid+routeid key then 
> pass the key to mapserver to use on selecting the right record.
>> I got to know that openlayers libs can help me to achieve the same. I
>> want
>> to know how in-efficient will be to use kamap xml overlay instead of any
>> fn
>> of openlayers.
> You can server the route as a wfs layer, but if it is complicated it 
> might be too many points to handle quickly in the browser.
> -Steve
>> Regards,
>> Ritesh Ambastha
>> Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
>>> riteshambastha wrote:
>>>> Dear friends, 
>>>> I have seen routing based on postgis routing and oracle network data
>>>> models.
>>>> Even though, they serve the purpose very efficiently, they take some
>>>> 1sec/2sec/3sec to display the routes. I checked them with OpenLayers
>>>> and
>>>> Ka-map. Still, I feel there must be a way to reduce this route display
>>>> time.
>>>> Is there any any other ways to show routing/directions over mapserver
>>>> based
>>>> maps? Any other data structure and programming in C/python can serve
>>>> the
>>>> purpose ?
>>> What is taking too long?
>>> 1) is it the route computation
>>> 2) transfering the route data to OpenLayers
>>> 3) rendering the route data as a vector layer
>>> Have you considered writing some code on the server that generates an 
>>> image file from the route data and returns a url for the image that can 
>>> be then pinned to OpenLayers like a marker? You could do this by writing 
>>> a wrapper in your favorite scripting language around the request to 
>>> generate the route.
>>> -Steve W
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