[mapserver-users] Status on ticket 2582?

paalkr pal.kristensen at statkart.no
Sun Feb 22 17:51:39 EST 2009


Good idea, this could even make the dump == false / true for OWS redundant.
Adding wfs_disable_request 'all' would effectively prevent wfs support. 
Adding wms_disable_request 'GetFeatureinfo' would be the same as dump ==
false on a WMS layer.

I think the following situations are the most common where this "hiding"
functionality would be needed:

1) Adding a "copyright" statement to a map. Hiding the layer and setting
status to default will insure that the label is rendered regardless of
requested layers.
2) Exposing different raster resolution layers as one "logical" layer. This
can be achieved in two different ways
a) adding all the raster layers (status == default) to a group as hidden
layers (the group will (should) then become hidden as well), then add a
"dummy" layer (which don't draws anything) with the same name as the group.
Requesting the dummy layer would actually also request the group because the
name is identical.
b) adding all the layers as hidden single layers (status == default) and use
the requires mechanism to set dependencies to a "dummy" layer.
3) Hiding tileindex layers. Setting up the tileindex as a separate layer is
the only way of adding a tileindex to e.g PostgreSQL atm.
4) Enable / expose some layers only for certain service types (wms, wfs,
sos, wcs)
5) Limit the "users" ability to interact and change the map appearance.

Anyway. I hope that either Martins patch is added to 5.4 or that we agree on
something similar, in time to reach the 5.4 release.

Pål Kristensen

Martin Kofahl wrote:
> Hi,
> it becomes apparent that we try to solve different issues with hiding, 
> ignoring and so on. We should try to find an implementation which also 
> solves related tickets but is open for future requirements.
> So couldn't we use a metadata like [service]_disable_request which lists 
> all request type (per service) MapServer shouldn't support for a layer? 
> Maybe expanded with the request type 'all'. Possible examples:
>      wms_disable_request 'all'
>      wms_disable_request 'getcapabilities getfeatureinfo'
> This should solve tickets 337, 1952, 2582.
> What do you think?
> Martin

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