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You should post the url you are using to access the mapfile.
What do you mean by "The same file is korking in anothe machine with XP"? 
Do You mean another mapserver or just the same mapfile host on another 

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[mapserver-users] Problems in MS4W

Dear Friends,
I have installed MS4W in XP- OS (C:\ms4w) as administrator in my machine. 
And Mapserver is replying  "No query information to decode. QUERY_STRING 
is set, but empty"  form 'http://localhost/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?'. But when 
I tried to access a map file (C:\mapdata\, the mapserver  gave 
error like "msLoadMap(): Unable to access file. (C:\mapdata\ ". 
The same file is korking in anothe machine with XP. 

Any suggestion is welcome. 

Phalguni Pal
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