[mapserver-users] 500 Internal Server Error

Rui Gomes ruijgomes at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 14:40:35 EST 2009

" Rui, what platform etc.. are you on?"

That is my problem...i try to use a free web host to make a simple
demo of my work.
The server is linux, use apache and permit CGI.

Because i try to build a hello map whithout render any image, i don´t
expect problem whith the libraries so soon. And i have no ideia if i
will can put it working.

2009/3/5 Steve Lime <Steve.Lime at dnr.state.mn.us>:
> Rui, what platform etc.. are you on?
>>>> Rui Gomes <ruijgomes at gmail.com> 03/05/09 9:20 AM >>>
> " Are you able to get into a shell?"
> I do not think i can do that (or know how do that).
> Thanks anyway
> 2009/3/5 Gregor at HostGIS <gregor at hostgis.com>:
>>> And a few more question: what libraries i need to put in the server?
>>> Where i can find some documentation about the libraries mapserver
>>> need?
>> A technique I find handy for debugging mapserver problems, a bit more useful
>> than "Internal server error", is to go into the Unix shell and use shp2img.
>> Are you able to get into a shell?
>> I'd use something similar to one of these:
>>  shp2img -o test.png -m mapfile.map
>>  shp2img -o test.png -m mapfile.map -d 999
>>  shp2img -o test.png -m mapfile.map -l lakes,streets
>> When that fails, it'll give you more information as to what went wrong. For
>> example, it will give hints as to shapefiles being transferred in ASCII
>> mode, or the TEMPDIR not being writable.
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