[mapserver-users] ka-map with mapserver problems..PLS help me

Medve Zsolt medvezs84 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 07:46:02 EDT 2009


Sorry for disturb but i have a problem and i see you on ka-map mailing 

So, I installed ms4w, then  copy ka-map 1.0 to ms4w. I find web pages 
how to config and prepare my ka-map. ( in the config.php file.. mapfile 
path., phpscript and GD path,.apache alias and so on..) i found a sample 
Shape file and a mapfile to test ka-map with them. But when i see it in 
the browser, only the ka-map frame aapears but the content,the map don't.

Can you help me ..maybe i dont config something well or i dont know..

If you use same ms4w and ka-map 1.0..you may send it to me in a zip for 
example. I aprisiate your help


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